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Please note that there is a minimum order of £20 before postage, (except on Seccotine, where there is no minimum order).
VAT is not applicable. Please fill in the form at the bottom of the page and I will contact you with the postage costs for your area. Details will be sent to pay via BACS or PayPal (plus 4% to cover PayPal fees). I am sorry that at the moment I cannot accept payments via debit or credit cards. Many thanks.

Tunning hammer for sale
Tuning hammers

Many owners of square pianos prefer to be responsible for the tuning of their instrument and find that modern tuning hammers are ill suited for the square piano’s fine and delicate pins. The workshop is pleased to offer for sale tuning hammers made specifically for square pianos.
 per Tuning Hammer.

Replica Broadwood tuning hammer

Solid metal copy of the original Broadwood tuning hammer discovered with a Broadwood square piano circa 1813. Suitable for Broadwood Squares and Grands of the era, as well as other makers' pianos. The slot tapers from 7.5mm x 6mm down to 5mm x 3.5 mm approx. Click here for a diagram.
£75 per tuning hammer


The strings are now made by Cesar Hernandez. Please go to for more information and orders.

Leather for hammer hinges

The workshop is pleased to offer for sale an excellent replacement calfskin leather for perished hammer hinges. Each Strip allows enough leather to re-hinge at least two sets of hammers. Approx size = 600mm x 130mm
£25 per strip.


Especially thin vellum (approx. 0.20mm) perfect for hopper hinges.
Approx size = 200mm x 150mm. Supplied in 3 pieces.



Seccotine is a reversible fish glue suitable for cloth, vellum, leather, paper and wood that lasts indefinitely. Keep above freezing. 

100ml £10.

500ml £30.

3 Kg £130.

Seccotine glue
The Piano-Forte by Rosamond Harding

A new hardback copy of the history of the piano up to 1851
£15 per book.

Tension graphs

Tension graphs are calculated to determine the tension of the extant stringing of individual pianos and also to calculate the most suitable gauges of wire with which to re-string early pianos. By plotting an accurate graph it’s possible to produce optimal tonal quality without the risk of over tensioning the pianos delicate wooden structure. Please request the necessary forms needed to calculate a tension graph.
£85 per Calculation and Graph.


Keep an eye on humidity levels with this device. Please see our Care page for guidance and advice.
£25 per Hygrometer.


Placed inside your piano this will kill moths with a vapour. Requires replacing every 6 months.
£4 per Mothproofer.

Leg thread.jpg
Leg threads

Replacement leg threads. Made in beech, the threaded part is 1+ 3/8 inch (36mm) in diameter with a pitch of three turns per inch. The bottom part is turned to one inch for inserting into a one inch hole drilled into the leg. This is best done with a lathe to keep everything straight. Please note this is a standard square piano size but some makers used slightly different diameters.

£20 each.

Walker cloth.jpg
Walker action cloth

Walker cloth in 1.5 and 2.5 mm thicknesses. Best cloth available for the back-touch, balance rail, front rail, hammer rail and elsewhere in piano actions. Produced accordingly to research by Graham Walker. Please click this link for more detailed information and prices. You can write to if you want to place an order or for more information.

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