Although specialising in the repair and conservation of square pianos the workshop manufactures strings for all early pianos. Strings can be ordered either plain or overwound, from a single string up to a full set. For plain strings we need only an original string with the eye which can be copied if most or all of the eyes in your piano are similar. A set of wound strings however requires the client to send a template showing the location of tuning, bridge, nut and hitch pins. This template can easily be made by laying a sheet of lining paper (or similar, e.g. parcel paper) over the whole of the inside of the instrument, covering tuning, nut and bridge pins and rubbing over with a soft pencil or crayon. Please note that the longest wound string we are able to make is 2050mm and that we have a minimum order of £20.

I have found very often that strings have been replaced with incorrect gauges. The wrong amount of tension can structurally damage an instrument or break strings. As an additional service a complete tension graph can be calculated for specific instruments at a cost of £85. This helps to determine the ideal gauges for even tonal response across the scale and can pinpoint any areas of excessive tension. To have a tension graph calculated please download and complete the necessary forms and information sheets.

For covered bass strings click here. For a Tension Graph order click here. For prices please go to the shop.
The wire alloys and manufacturing methods used for all strings are correct for this period of instrument; modern high tensile steel is not appropriate for early keyboards. We obtain our wire primarily from Malcolm Rose.

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