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Walker cloth

We are now distributors of Graham Walker action cloth.

The Walker cloth now recognised as the most appropriate replacement in period keyboard instruments not only for early pianos but for many other instruments such as harpsichords, spinets, clavichords and fortepianos. They are used by makers, restorers, and museum curators in the UK, and many other countries. They are available in larger quantities for professional use or for single instruments. All cloths have 100% wool composition.

They are manufactured as near as possible to neutral acidity that may be a requirement where instruments are held by museums.  The 2.5mm Early Keyboard Cloth has an acidity level of 6.2pH. (measured by the manufacturer and based on a sample) Other cloths have been manufactured to achieve a typical acidity level of be between 5.0pH and 6.0pH (neutral acidity is 7.0pH).

As may be expected, the qualities and thicknesses of cloth originally used in early pianos and other period keyboard instruments varied and therefore a range of cloths have been replicated to meet most requirements.  If you are unsure about which cloths to use, please email me to

The Walker Cloth is available in 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 2.5mm thickness and is a close match in weight, composition and colour to the original cloth found in early English square and grand pianos.  Having three thicknesses gives the flexibility to build a thickness as required.  It can be used for the back-touch, balance rail, front rail, hammer rail and elsewhere in piano actions.

Hitch-pin worsted bearing cloth (Broadwood Type)

This cloth is an excellent match to the original hitch-pin bearing cloth used in square pianos made by Broadwood and some other makers. It has a similar worsted weave to the original and the shade of cochineal colour is typical of the cloth found in these instruments. The quantity of 152cms x 10cm is sufficient for one instrument. Larger quantities are available from the drop-down list.












Natural and red cochineal damper cloth

is going to be available soon.

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